Podcast ‘sode 52: Dereck and Diti from Bad Shepherd

This week’s episode saw us hanging out at Bad Shepherd in Melbourne’s East. We spoke to owners Dereck and Diti about all things Bad Shepherd. How they started out smoking meat and brewing beer, how the venue is going, and what their plans and goals are for the future. Also we had some hot takes on Yellow Tail, David Warner (cricketer) and some other things.

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Bad Shepherd

We talked about the Big Beer Bashes from the Local Taphouse

And this David Warner incident.

Then the Yellow Tail launch in the US

Dave recommends Cop Show

Luke recommends going to the movies (no link for that)

Then recommends the 8 Wired La Fut

And Dave the C4 Coffee Double Brown Ale

Find Dave here:



And Luke here:



Theme music from Toehider:


Who have a gig coming up in Melbourne:


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