Good Beer Week 2012 – Guide to events

Good Beer Week 2012 Guide

The program for Good Beer Week (Melbourne) 2012 has been announced. Because I’m both a beer nerd and a bit of an excel nerd, I’ve put together a basic spreadsheet in Google Docs to help myself, and my readers, plan for the week.

I’ve listed all events by day on separate tabs and included drop down menus for choosing your preferred events (1,2,3) and another drop down menu so you can note down if you have made your booking.

You could add your own formulas for total cost etc if you like, but I’ve left it simple for now. I’ve also included my picks (ranked 1,2,3) in the preference column. These are the events that I think will be the best or most interesting that day. You can change these as you see fit.

If you can’t find at least a dozen events that you ‘must’ go to, then I think you’re crazy. Last year was brilliant and this year will only be better.

Click the link, select file and ‘Download’ to download it to your PC for editing (edit: It seems the drop down menus don’t work with Open Office when you download, not much I can do about that sorry). Also, you can download individual pages as a PDF. Might be handy to keep a copy of the ‘All Week’ page in your wallet for when you’re out and about between events.

Update: Has been updated as of 3/04/12 – some events have been added or amended.  

Good luck! Hope to see you all at some events!!

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  1. May 4, 2012

    […] together a little planner to help people organise their Good Beer Week events which you can find here. Some events are selling out fast so make plans now. In the meantime, I only have a handful more of […]

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