Podcast ‘sode 15: All the best stuff was off mic; with Boneyard Brewing

This week we had some spilt beer, technical difficulties and a lot of fun with Chris and Brendan of Boneyard brewing. A great chat covering beer and food, homebrewing, Berliner Weisse, branding, and their future plans for Boneyard.


Stream here or iTunes here (subscribe if it hasn’t updated yet)

Brendan gave us some of his versions of this:


Mentioned this other commercial version:


Brendan mentioned he does brewing demos here:


We drank this:


And this:


We mentioned the new labels for Doctors Orders Brewing – you can see them here:


And this bar here:


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3 Responses

  1. james says:

    Fantastic episode! Yep, possibly your best yet thanks to talkative Chris and Brendan. It’s always great to chat with them.

    I love the Boneyard Red Ale. Gorgeous brew. Very tasty beer that defies its low alcohol.

    • Thanks James! Having two people as knowledgeable and interesting as them definitely makes it easy. They love a good discussion – so much so I just edited most of Dave and my stuff out. No point in us getting in the way of them.

      I’m very excited to see the brews coming out of the brewhouse when it’s up and running.

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