Weekend Music – Camp Cope/Georgia Maq


I could write a preamble here talking about how down I am with the kids and have been super across Camp Cope for ages and now I’m going to give you the skinny (as the kids say)… but really I don’t go to many shows and spend most of my time on the internet. Sorry to shatter any illusions you have, but I’m 32 and somehow trying to make my way in this world writing about beer. What do you want from me?

Basically I kept on seeing this name pop up playing shows with bands I like, such as The Bennies and the upcoming Jeff Rosenstock tour. So I googled them and learned that they are fronted by Georgia Maq.

Again, I could talk about how I’ve been super across Georgia Maq for ages and I’m super up with the hip music, but really I heard this song once a few months ago and it was great so I listened to it a bunch.

Anyway, the point is that Camp Cope are really good indie-punk-folk stuff, and Georgia Maq sings great songs. Right now they are on tour with the Hard Aches, and they’ll be touring again in March with Jeff Rosenstock before putting out an album on Poison City Records.

Now’s your chance to get in before they blow up massive (as the kids say)… or just get in an enjoy their music. Whatever. Here are a couple of songs and here is their facebook for tour deets: https://www.facebook.com/campcopemusic/

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