Weekend Music – Trojan Explosion

Over a decade ago people still burned and shared CDs. It was pretty neat.

One such CD ended up in my grubby little mits, burned onto one of those CDRs meant to look like a record – which let’s face it – were rad.

It was a compilation from Mojo magazine highlighting reggae/ska/dancehall classics from the Trojan record label. I enjoy reggae music (I’m from NZ, so it’s kind of our thing) but don’t know a heap about it. However, I enjoy it to the point where I’m done after an hour and want something with a bit more noise, clang, yelling, or oomph. Given this compilation was almost exactly an hourĀ and highlighted a bunch of artists I’m not really familiar with, it made for perfect summer drinking music. It also opens with the best Bob Marley song and that dirty dirty keyboard line of Mr Brown.

Now I don’t know where the CD is but fortunately I live in the future where I can simply google something and learn the song names.

As it’s the first week of summer, I’ve decided to compile these hot reggae jams into a convenient playlist for my, and your, earholes. I’ve used spotify, because that’s what I use for online music.

(one note, I couldn’t find Drumbago and the Dynamites – Dulcemania so I’ve linked the youtube to it below, and replaced it with a different Dynamites song on the playlist).


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