Bitter is a sweet move

Me: “hey, Melbourne Bitter is going on tap around Melbourne” Emma: “Where? Can we go drink some? As the quotes suggest, it is happening and people are legitimately excited. Even beer geeks such as ourselves. The affection for Melbourne Bitter in the city it is named for is […]


Perfect Pairing vs Experience Collecting

Two ladies, on prime time TV, discussing how a beer complements a barbecued lamb dish. The beer is then shown in a stemmed glass on a table in a civilised environment. This is an actual ad. And it’s excellent. You can watch it here: While the beer isn’t a […]

Matters of style and taste

Modern beer debate has its scope aimed right between the eyes of “what is craft beer”. Anyone reading this will have seen the articles and probably have a formed opinion. My opinion is largely unchanged since 2012 and I don’t wish to add further. I would like to question, however, […]


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