Keep calling beers ‘sours’

A few days ago there was an article doing the rounds, to much applause from beer pundits, titled Stop calling beers ‘sours’. The pundits’ consensus was “hear hear, about belly time” and other expressions of agreement. However on finishing the article I came away more convinced that we […]


Napoleone – Saison Duval

When I first heard of Napoleone Brewers my impression was they were a cider company, probably contract brewing a beer somewhere else, so I won’t pay too much attention. I’m a cynic at heart. To be honest I don’t think I’d given them much, or any thought, after […]


Little changes

Changes are afoot at Little Creatures, as the move to bring the White Rabbit brand closer to the new East Coast home in Geelong, and the rollout of parochial-Victorian brand Furphy raise some questions about which direction they are heading. I was a little disappointed when parent company Lion opted […]


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