Pouring in… the end for me

For over 18 months I’ve been running the twitter account @pouringinmelb – which you can read about here – and from that it has spawned “pouring in” accounts in Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart and Dublin; as well as an Android app for Melbourne users. However, I’ve decided to cease […]


Manatee beers

A manatee joke is a kind of humour popularised by Family Guy and satirised by South Park. A manatee joke is when one of the characters says something that has nothing to do with the plot or characters in the show, but leads into a flashback of the […]


Beer Basics: Buying beer

Should be easy, right? You go into a shop, you chose a beer and you pay your money. Nice and simple. But given the amount of beers out there now, you can easily end up overspending or with beers that may not be in their best condition.  So […]


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