Podcast ‘Sode 100: Live Celebration And Fun Time Extravganza

Our live extravaganza, recorded right in front of the tanks at Stomping Ground was an absolute blast and you missed it. Unless you were there, then how good was it? We had our first ever guest, Tif Waldron (The Beer Collective), Ashur Hall (Stomping Ground), and Mike Mills from Toehider doing the sound. There were two small kegs – one with 3 Ravens/Hop Nation Juicy Jedi collab and the other with Stomping Ground Littlefoot session IPA, Stomping Ground Pale tinnies, and growlers of Hop Nation/3 Ravens Jedi Juicy collab. We got really confused which Juicy was Jedi and vice-versa of course. There were giveaways, lols, rofls and Dave was definitely there. Plus the actual conversation was really good.


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