Podcast ‘sode 83: Moon Dog Revisit With Josh

3 years, almost to the day, we chat with Moon Dog cofounder, Josh Uljans about their recent expansion and the brand as a whole. Josh is honest and open about the business and their brand. Also, Dave and I crap on a bit about other stuff. You know the drill.

“How do you do it in a sustainable way, and how do you do it without fucking it up? It’s going to come with its challenges, no question about it, but you gotta try”.

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Moon Dog:



We drank this in the intro:


Which segued nicely into some chat about Mocu… 

Then mentioned this Brewdog kerfuffle:


Talked Holgate expansion:


Speculated on the new beer from Balter:


Aether brewing


Then we spoke to Josh…

We first spoke back in 2014

We talked about East Coast Canning:


We mentioned this chat with Costa.

And the CBIA and wider craft beer debate: http://www.australiancraftbeer.org.au/

Then their Good Beer Week events.


Dave recommends…

Get ready for winter!

Luke, the 13th:



Dave suggests you drink the Moon Dog Jukebox Hero

Luke, go to a free event, especially one of his:



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