Beer Hipster Idol 2016

Nominate Your Friends For Beer Hipster Idol 2016!

Apparently hipsters are all up in craft beer. Not out-of-shape dudes wearing hoodies. Not normal people from all age ranges excited about local or unique produce. It’s all just hipsters. They are probably also snobs and they make us all mad. Although I’m probably one so I make you mad. I make myself mad. I am so mad right now. They make us so mad that it’s become a meme, complete with parody videos and journalists trotting out rhetoric about hipster beer drinkers. And that makes people even madder because they are being rubbed in our faces.

Beer Hipster

Why are we all mad though? Why aren’t we celebrating hipsters in beer. Shouldn’t they be revered? They are the unicorns. The chosen ones simultaneously driving and ruining the industry. That takes incredible talent and we need to acknowledge that, so let’s rejoice in everything they have to offer.

The problem is I’m not exactly sure what a beer hipster looks like in 2016. This recent resurgence of the term hipster was led by dorks in bright woollen knits, listening to Dan Deacon and drinking cheap wine with a side of cocaine. Now literally everything is rooted in the world of “hipsterdom”. Everything. At one point I thought it was laughable to be labelled a beer hipster but now years on “beer” and “hipster” are rarely seen apart.

They are out there and I want to find them. However I can’t do this alone. So welcome to the search for Beer Hipster Idol 2016. I want you to nominate yourself, nominate your friends, or that person you always see at the bar and you think “what a fucking hipster” and it makes you mad.

I’ve brain stormed some ideas to get you started on what a beer hipster might look like. This is only a guide of course. There are probably hipsters out there doing hipster things that I don’t even know about.

  • Affectatious clothing or accessories
  • Uses the word “affectatious”
  • Has opinions about every brewery
  • Loves breweries you haven’t even heard of yet
  • Loves to remind people that they love breweries you haven’t even heard of yet
  • May have facial hair but not a necessity. If it is, it is probably affectatious.
  • Probably has one of those on-trend septum piercings
  • Has sat on a milk crate at some point in the past week
  • Definitely wears a scarf and or beanie year round
  • Generally hates corporations but loves Spiegelau
  • Probably smokes
  • Right now they are super into Two Metre Tall
  • Has in the last month said that sour is the new IPA
  • Probably has said the same about lager recently too

This is a genuine search. I want to find these beer hipsters. I need to know they exist. Journalists need to know they exist. We need to celebrate all they bring and all they do. Embrace the beer hipsters. Hug them and feel their knit-based warmth.

Send your stories and pics to luke [at] – help us find Australia’s Beer Hipster Idol for 2016. There may even be a prize for the winner! (Please ask permission before nominating a friend and include their contact details)



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