Melbourne’s Good Beer Week 2014 – Beer Lover/Geek Picks

Part two of my picks for Good Beer Week, I’ve decided to combine  the program’s “Beer Lover” and “Beer Geek” events.

If you missed part 1, what are you doing? Go read it here.

If you can’t find something here to break your bank balance, then I don’t know what you are doing.

Saturday 17th of May

Brew in a Bag Workshop (Part of the Darebin Homemade Food and Wine Festival) 12pm – 1pm

Brew in a Bag is the most criminally easy way to get started brewing all grain beer… or almost any beer. You can literally get set up and brew a beer for less than $50. So if you are interested in brewing your own beer but think it’s too expensive or difficult; then this is for you.

Sunday 18th May

Brewers Breakfast – Bridge Road Brewers (Beechworth) 8am – 10:15am

Three of the world’s best breweries – Bridge Road, Birra Del Borgo and To Ol – 3 course breakfast and matching beers. One off beer to be brewed on the day too. This is worth waking up for. If you can get to, or are already in Beechworth, for an 8am start and you aren’t going to this, then you are a stone cold sucker.

Monday 19th May

Costa Does Beer – Clifton Hill Brewpub 7pm – 9:30pm

Costa is probably the most knowledgeable man in Australia when it comes to all things relating to breweries and brewhouses. He’s also part of the team behind one of Australia’s most sought after beers, the La Sirene Saison. Join him as he takes you through a brewhouse he installed as well as brews in. You want inside and working knowledge of a brewery? This is the thing for you.

Mornington Peninsula & Stillwater Brewday – Mornington Peninsula Brewery (Transport from CBD provided)  10am – 6pm

I really like Stillwater (USA) and I really like Mornington Peninsula Brewery. For $70, you get a brewday –  with both breweries on tap, food and transport included in the price, it sounds like a great day for anyone, beer geek, lover or not. One of the four events I have tickets to.

Russian Imperial Banquet – Ormond Hall 7pm – late

Stout, imperial stout, suckling pig. Apparently some brewers will be there or whatever. I don’t know, stop asking questions.

Stout, imperial stout, suckling pig.

Tuesday 20th May 

Temple X Weihenstephan Re-Unifikator ‘Brewlicious’ Experience – Temple Brewery 11am – Late

Two events for the price of one? One of Australia’s best teams up with Germany’s (and the world’s) oldest to brew a one off beer. You get food and a couple of pints during the interactive brewday; then come back for a pint of the beer and a meal when the beer is finished. A double whammy, if you will. The food is also being billed as a “pork bonanza”. Sounds delicious AND educational,

Beer and Botanicals at the Beaufort – The Beaufort 7pm – Late

A very reputable beer writer (not myself) told me that this was his pick of the events last year. Degustation menu, with beer and gin cocktails to match. Gin and Mornington Peninsula beer go extremely well together (I’ve been known to drink a gin neat, with a MP Pale on the side…) and apparently the menu will be mindblowing.

The Young Guns of Craft Beer Dinner – The Woodlands Hotel 7:30pm – Late

5 course menu of the delicious food at the Woodlands, matched with 5 local breweries who are up and coming. Well, when they wrote the description they were, but the quality of these brewers is such that they are pretty much firmly established already. Killer Sprocket, Kaiju, 7 Cent, Dainton and Brewcult will all feature. This costs $55? Ridiculous value.

Wednesday 21st May

Around the world 8 Beers – Shebeen 7pm – 9pm

Learn about global ingredients and then use them to brew a beer with the team behind BrewSmith – which is a small brew-your-own kit. $10 goes to charity of your choosing also. Learning, brewing and charity. It’s good for your soul.

Beer School: Australian Hops 101 – Ombra Salumi Bar 4pm – 6pm

Speaking of ridiculous value… you get a tasting of four single hop IPAs from Bridge Road in Spiegelau glassware. That’s the brewer best at showcasing local hops teaming up with the company that is the best at unlocking their aroma in the beer; and you get to take away a twin pack of the Spiegelau IPA glass which is $30 retail. Everyone who attends a Spiegelau tasting comes away completely changed.

I’m not exaggerating. This will change your life and you get two glasses – for $60!

Thursday 22nd May

Champion’s Lunch – Brunswick Mess Hall 12pm – 3pm

Here the three champion international breweries from last years Australian beer awards are in one place (well two and one by video link) for a 3 course lunch at one of the best venues in town. It’s hard to overlook a lunch time treat like this.

Sunday 25th May

Sunday Roast – Village Melbourne 12pm – late

A lot of people will just assume that British beer is all mild, brown and room temp. But those people are idiots and Britain is producing some of the most interesting and exciting beers. Get a roast meal and some of the world’s best beers to wrap up Good Beer Week; and don’t be a dolt.

Cask Off 2014 – Holgate Brewery (Woodend) 1pm – 5pm

Speaking of mild, room temp beer… here is the event that I guarantee will change anyones tune on room temp, flat beer. Last year I took my girlfriend along, who detested this style, and it was her favourite event. It’s just by the train station so jump on a Vline train, eat some BBQ and get schooled in the best way to serve beer.

Boatrocker Palate Cleanser – Boatrocker Brewery 11am – 3pm

Sour beer is probably the best beer. Boatrocker are promising some serious beers to go along their own serious beers to show you just how impressive and interesting sour beers can be. If you aren’t familiar with the style, then jump in the deep end and do this. Food included also. I’m pretty sure there is transport from a nearby station (last year they organised taxis).

The beers last year were enough to make me go wide-eyed and instantly fill with a little sadness that I missed out. Don’t be me.


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  1. girl + beer says:

    Boatrocker was sooo good last year! Can’t wait to see what they break out this year. I’ll be at Russian Imperial Banquet if you head along!

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