Good Beer Week – Part 2

So thus ends the first Good Beer Week in Melbourne. I’m not huge on reviewing events and dinners, as I prefer to eat and drink and not think about what I’m going to say, or taking photos.  Eat Drink Stagger is good at that sort of thing, so go over there and read her posts.  All I want to say was congratulations to everyone involved in organising the week.  The highlights personally were the Brewers and Chewers event and the Hair of the Dog Breakfast. Both were brilliant. Beer highlights were; the Wig and Pen Bob’s Armpit  and the Yeastie Boys Rex Attitude.  The latter managed to divide the room at the breakfast, but it was the only one  Lady Ale went back for seconds on… even over the Holgate Temptress. I was a little shocked at that.

Shout outs to those that I met as well, too numerous to name. The one thing I took away from the week was how friendly the craft beer community is, and how much I should take the week off work next year.

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