Podcast ‘sode 72: Tom and Will talk IPAs, Emus and Rum

Today there was no Dave, so instead we asked Tom Delmont from Fixation and Will Ziebell (Froth Magazine and Crafty Pint) to join the show. Tom told us all about Fixation, fresh IPAs and we talked punk rock, plans for a Fixation brewpub, as well as getting some tips on how to be a beer rep. Then Will told us tales of history. We learned about Melbourne buildings and breweries, the Rum Rebellion, and the Emu Wars. What a bloody show.

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Fixation IPA


We drank Garage Project Biere De Garage

Then talked about MoCu

And these two events

Then Club Brewing  and Wisdom Brewing

And Methode Gueuze/Spon

As well as the Brewcult Bar

Then Sydney Craft Beer Week, WA Beer Week and Canberra’s Beer Day Out.

And the Sessionable podcast.

Then Capital Brewing, and BentSpoke Brewing

We also discussed Shark Island Brewing

And Zythophile came up

Then Will tried to verify Stomping Ground’s claim to being first brewery to start in Collingwood for 100 years.

Which involves Yorkshire Brewery

Then he explained the history of CUB, and specifically Foster’s

And all about the Rum Rebellion

and the Emu Wars

Then we drank Drie Fonteinen Intense Red:


Will recommends True Girt

Tom recommends Neil Finn and this album from Crowded House. 

Luke; All The Light We Cannot See

Will, Hop Nation – The Chop

Tom, the Blood Orange Berliner from Dainton

Luke, these Plumm Vintage RedB glasses

Marlon Ziebell won last week’s competition.

You can find Will here on Twitter:


Or email him at Will[at]Craftypint.com

For Fixation, they are on twitter here


Or instagram here:


And their site is here: http://www.fixationbrewing.com.au/

Or email Tom[at]fixationbrewing.com.au

Find Dave here:



And Luke here:



Theme music from Toehider:







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