A short catch up on beer stuff going on with me.

First up, one of the hardest working and most well-regarded beer writers in Australia was kind enough to have me as a featured blogger on his site. Head over to The Crafty Pint to read all about me. Stoked to have been thought of.

Secondly, we visited Beervana in New Zealand. Held in Wellington, it was fantastic and I wrote this about it for Brews News.

As you can probably tell from my article, it was a wonderful time. It’s always great going back to New Zealand and it’s amazing how quickly the craft beer scene is getting its own identity and evolving into something unique. I can’t wait to go back next year.As American brands are pushing hard into our market I hope New Zealand can do the same. I think a lot of beer fans will be surprised at some of the secrets NZ is  keeping.

In a testament to that, I tried two of the most famous beers out of the USA, the Magic Hat #9 and Dogfish Head 90 minute IPA and while both were great, they wouldn’t make it into my top 20 from the whole weekend.

To see all my BrewsNews articles, you can click here: – the next one will be about a brewery that has opened up in a Best Western hotel.  Whaaaat?

Also hoping to pin up a couple more reviews sometime this week. People keep churning out amazing beers and my fridge is fast running out of space . The scary thing is that nothing in there is under 8%. I really hope there are some summer session beers around the corner. In the meantime I hope I can dedicate a little more time to talking about them.

That’s it.


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