2 Brothers Growler

2 Brothers are a brewery in Moorabbin Victoria. I’ve never been, but based on this, I’ll be planning a visit soon. I don’t have any other small talk to make about this one, I just want to take another sip and tell you all about it.

The Basics

I picked this one up at my local bottle shop and according to their website you can pick it up at more interesting independent bottle stores and bars. Personally I’ve never seen it on tap or in bottles anywhere… I guess I’m going to the least ¬†interesting places? ¬†Anyway, it came in a 4 pack and cost me $15. Check out their stockists page for more info.

It’s 4.7% alcohol and an American Brown Ale.

How Does It Look?

I picked this one up purely for the packaging. In today’s Australian beer market, boutique beers are 12 for 10 cents, but this one looked different. A chainsaw, the word GROWL and then ER on the next line, fonts all reminding me of a video game… it made me want to buy it. So, I did.

As for the actual beer, it’s a really deep brown with a nice light brown head that stuck around for a while after I poured it.

How does it taste?

In short, great. I really like this beer. In long, it has a malty initial taste that smoothes out cleanly, but the highlight of this beer is the aftertaste. After each sip, the taste lingers, then slowly develops and becomes chocolatey which makes me want to dive right back in for another sip… sips become gulps, gulps become empty bottles and I’ve realised I’ve enjoyed this beer far too much.

It reminds me of the Little Creatures Oatmeal Stout, a single batch brew that came out earlier this year (the last bottle of the case I bought died an untimely death as it was dropped on our concrete floor… I had been saving it for over a month, and then it was gone. Why do the good always die young?). Both beers were livelier than I expected, but had a similar smooth chocolatey aftertaste.

When should I drink it?

Because this is the kind of beer I really enjoy, I want to say always, but not everyone likes an ale, so I’m going to say this is perfect for after dinner with a rich desert. If you can get some dark chocolate (something 60% +) or a rich chocolate cake going on with this one, then you are going to be a happy drinker.


I will be buying this again and definitely making the effort to find some others from this brewery. Hopefully I can pay a visit to the source sometime real soon.

An excellent ale.

I rate it: One Chainsaw, One Growl and Two Video Games.

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