Home is Where the Beer is: Finding a Location

Welcome to the launch of our new project with Nic Sandery from Molly Rose Brewing. Nic is in the process of launching his own fermentation space and hospitality venue in Collingwood, Melbourne. Over the next 12 months we will follow Nic’s progress as he creates a home and sees through his vision for Molly Rose. We will look at his journey from all sides, from finding a location, to labelling, to hiring staff and everything else in between. Along the way we will be joined by a number of friends and industry professionals who can help paint us a picture of what it takes to launch a brewery big or small. For the first episode Nic and I are joined by Kris Domagala (currently at Brownstone Brewing, but is about to embark on his own project) and Jon Seltin (Brick Lane Brewing) and I get to ask dumb questions like “who even owns land in Collingwood?” and “how do you get power hooked up at your 50hl production facility?”. If you want these answers, then this is the show just for you.

The show will be monthly,and under our usual Ale of a Time feed, so if you are already a subscriber then you don’t have to do anything. If you aren’t, here are all the lovely places you can find us, OR you can just type Ale of a Time in to your podcast app and it’ll be there.

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