Manatee beers

A manatee joke is a kind of humour popularised by Family Guy and satirised by South Park. A manatee joke is when one of the characters says something that has nothing to do with the plot or characters in the show, but leads into a flashback of the scene described


A blog post that opens by quoting Urban Dictionary’s definition of a South Park gag. New lows. 

To my credit, I did try and find the video from South Park but they are all locked down for us foreign internet users  so unless you are using a snazzy VPN or region spoofer, it’s difficult to find. To my discredit, I gave up easily.

Basically, in an episode of South Park, they depicted the writers of Family Guy jokes as Manatees who pick balls at random. Each ball has a different reference on them (Ie: Gary Coleman, Mexico, Wedding) and thus a joke is formed.

I feel like the same is becoming all to common in beer.

“Pinot barrel, imperial, rye saison… with mango”.

I know they generally inspire fervour and probably represent the essence of what this current beer revolution is all about; experimentation, fun, putting random shit into beers.

But I can’t be the only one that thinks they get a bit boring, right?

I’m all for fun ingredients, barrel aging, style bending, etc etc; but there has to be a limit. A tipping point where the beer itself is no longer found beneath a bunch of other stuff. 

Three? Is three the limit? I can’t think of any beers with more than three styles or techniques that are actually good beers.

This theory is full of so many holes. I’m sure you get my point though. 

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  2. August 25, 2014

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