Ale of a Time ‘Sode 1: Frothing at the bit

When I started @pouringinMelb (which has spawned @pouringinSydney and @pouringinHobart and an app is in the works), it was because it was something I wanted. So I figure if I wanted it, then someone else might be interested.

And now, with the same thoughts in mind, I have decided to start a podcast. I don’t think I have a good voice for such things and I’ve never been on the radio, nor done anything involving radio or podcasting but after exhausting the list of local podcasts I found myself wanting more  beer related listenings with a local (Australian and NZ) lean.

I toyed around trying my phone as a recording device, then looked at using my DJ mixer (Rane Empath for any gear nerds out there) and purchasing some microphones, then talked to some people with podcasts to find out what they used. And just as I was about to pull the trigger on some equipment, my girlfriend mentioned they have a full studio at her work that is free on weekends.

She offered to look after the recording/producing.

Then I thought I needed a co-host who has a flexible schedule and liked beer as much as me. So I asked my friend Dave who I’ve enjoyed talking beer with immensely in the past. He was keen and we gave it a shot.

it turned out far better than I expected. The first episode sounds where I’d hoped to be after maybe a year of doing it.

So here we are with an iTunes approved, fully fledged podcast. This link should take you there: (I don’t use iTunes… in fact my Chromebook can’t even run itunes, so I hope that works).

On Podbean: – you can RSS subscribe there, or just listen in. Whatever, no pressure.

Or stream from here:

If you like it, and use iTunes, give us a rating and review. Subscribe. Tell your friends, co-workers and lovers.

We’ve been told the bass was too loud, which we will amend, but any other feedback, we would love to hear it.

We hope to make this fortnightly. with one more before Christmas and then back full time early in the new year.

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