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Ok so it’s been about 2 months since I posted new content… and in that 2 months was Good Beer Week and the Great Australian SpecTAPular. So how could I not be posting everything?

Mostly I’ve been working on pieces for Australian Brews News. You can check them out here:

And I have got 2 or 3 other pieces that haven’t been put up there which I’ll post here for your reading pleasure.

I also was too busy enjoying Good Beer Week to want to spend time thinking about it too much. It was an amazing week but one that certainly took it’s toll on the body. We went to mostly organised events but next year we plan to do a mixture of a couple of planned events, then visit a few bars that are celebrating the week with tap takeovers etc. I know the organisers are busy planning next year’s already so it’s going to be huge. In addition, I have a great idea for a series of articles for the 2013 event so I’m looking forward to making the most of it.

Next up on the blog (after I post the stories I have finished already), I’m planning a series in the lead up to IPA Day. Last year I reviewed 5 different IPAs (you can read them here: and this year I’m doing something similar but with a twist. Stay tuned for more info.

Unrelated, the other day I got a great comment on my Holgate Hopinator review.

Each to their own, but I find most of Holgate’s offerings poor to average. Ok to ponce on about if you’re a bit of a beer snob, but nothing to write home about.

What the hell does that even mean guy? Ok to ponce on about if you’re a bit of a beer snob? I’m not sure that really makes sense. They also signed their name “Holgate”. I asked if that was their name or a mistake but they never replied. Holgate, if you are out there, I really want to know. Also, were you trying to insult me? Am I a ponce? A beer snob?

Maybe. Either way, it’s probably the best comment I’ve ever had. Read the post here:

Finally, the West Coast Brewery is currently in some financial strife. I visited last year and it easily is one of my favourite NZ breweries. You can read about the problems here: – I don’t want to say too much on the matter but I do hope that Dave is able to stay in Westport and keep churning out those amazing beers. I feel like he is only just getting started and it would be a big shame to see it go. My earlier piece can be read here:

That’s all for now. New post tomorrow.


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