After photoshop updated and I got frustrated with basic functions I neglected to share podcast updates on the blog. Which is bad of me, but I’ve also been teaching myself GIMP at the same time (free photoshop for Linux people), and the mixture of shortcuts and actions was really doing my head in. Anyway, I’ve taken the time to sit with Photoshop and create the worst graphic of all time for this podcast stack!

What’s a podcast stack? It’s just the last four episodes we’ve had, in one handy place. Plus it has the worst graphic you’ve ever seen. I’m blaming that more on coffee and my love for bad design than my inability to use new Photoshop… honest.


Home is Where the Beer Is: Three

On Christmas day we released a new Home is Where the Beer Is, with Molly Rose, Fixation, and Stomping Ground. That episode looked at the model of a brewpub, particularly around Collingwood where Molly Rose is going in. How will Molly Rose fit, when next to much larger names like Fixation and Stompo? Guess we’ll find out. Episode four of HIWTBI is coming soon. We’ve had a bit of a hitch with guests but that’s ok. We’ll keep it ticking over because both Nic and I love doing it.  Stream that one here, or find it in your podcasting apps.

Stone & Wood Panels

I was lucky enough to fly up to Brisbane to assist in the Stone & Wood invitational as host of the panel discussions. I recorded a couple of the chats for you all, featuring Stone & Wood and friends. They were a blast to do. First up we have Richard of Bentspoke, Brad from S&W (and Forest for the Trees) and Will from Van Dieman talking farmhouse and sours. Then we have Eddie Brooks from Cape Byron Distillery and Craig Eulenstein from Stone & Wood sharing some insight into Australian ingredients. Stream that one here or find it in your podcasting apps.

Dave and Luke Shooting the Breeze

Only one of these has the other half of Ale of a Time, so we had to dedicate a whole episode to the two of us shooting the breeze. Vintage AoaT content where we bitch about other beer media, while drinking mead and pilsner in a friend’s bar. Then Dave makes an incredible analogy that Luke plans to steal in an article somewhere. IT may be the Alest of Ale of a Time content you can get. Stream that one here or find it in your podcasting apps.

Three Greens and Ballistic Brewery

A double header, bumper special, featuring the trio of Greens Three – a new brewing company based out of Melbourne – and Ballistic. Ballistic have hit our radar recently with smart brewing and good distribution. I’m joined in the latter by AoaT “fifth Beatle”. Will Ziebell. Stream that one here or find it in your podcasting apps.

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