Weekend Music – A Series Of References

That’s what hip hop is for the most part. A series of references, all paying homage to what came before them. The more you listen to the more you learn and the more you enjoy.

The below¬†might be the most referenced song in hip hop history. Every line has been sampled, referenced or lifted to create songs that often ended up far more famous. Mark Ronson said that “it’s almost like the national anthem or alphabet song of hip-hop” and that’s pretty accurate. There might be more famous tunes whose influence are instantly recognisable as a standalone but the bits and pieces of this have been dismantled and¬†reorganised so many times that it’s astounding to listen back over 30 years later and remember where they all came from.

I’m sure there has been much written on it and I’d like to explore it more in a family tree of music but until I do (or find someone that has already done it) have a listen and see if you can hear the influence this song has had on popular music.



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