Beer Comment Bingo

Beer articles are great aren’t they? For one they get the great beer word out to the wider public, as well as giving everyone a chance to voice their informed opinion.  Because we love them just as much as you, we’ve made a fun new game for all the family! Introducing “Beer Comment Bingo!”.

It’s as simple as reading the comments and striking them off our brand new Beer Comment Bingo card. If you get a bingo on one article, you win a prize! Relish in all the beer comment classics such as “homebrewer who makes some great savings” and “It was great before they changed the recipe”. How about the tearaway that doesn’t even drink beer – I can’t help but smile when they join in the debate! And I always hope to see my personal favourite; “guy who thinks it’s all a bit gay”. Hahaha, he gets me every time.

All your favourties are there, and many more! So get playing today and get ready to yell “THAT’S A BEER-NGO”

Beer Comment Bingo

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