New Site – New Outlook

For the last six or so years, this has been a hobby for me – both the blog and more recently the podcast. It all costs a small amount of money to run, but given I had a reasonably well paid job I was able to use this as a personal outlet.

Now, however, I no longer have a reasonably well paid job (no job at all in fact… by my own choice) and along with some other projects I will be putting a lot more focus on both the website and the podcast.

New content

Expect a new range of regular features, news wraps, reviews, and of course, commentary. Also expect some non-beer content that won’t takeover from the existing beer content but rather complement the site and hopefully help readers (and me) discover things that aren’t just beer. This will include music, coffee, wine, and whatever else I’m enjoying at the time.

We have also recently launched an Ale of a Time produced and affiliated graphic-design podcast ( and that has prompted us to go looking for more podcast content to bring under our wing and get out to our audience.

Further to that, we are in talks with other writers to assist in providing unique editorial – with in-depth looks and beer branding, marketing, and whatever else we think will be interesting to the readers.  If you are a writer out there who thinks you have a hot take that you must share, or a great idea for a regular column then drop me a line. Any work will be paid.

Maaaybe some ads

I know most people don’t love ads but as you saw above, I don’t have a job. Over the coming months we will be adding advertisers but only those we know and trust and that our readers will be interested in. We don’t want to sign up for an ad database and serve up whatever that gives us, but rather we want to use advertising as a continuation of the blog and podcast by highlighting and sharing things that we trust and know are good.

Further to that we will do our best to get a balance between value for money and non-obtrusive. We don’t want pop-ups at every turn and neither do you.

Potential advertisers, please use the contact page if you would like to receive a mediakit.

With that in mind it would be peachy if regular readers would turn off their Adblock/Adblockplus etc for this site now. Go on…

there you go.

Other stuff

I think that’s about it really. Don’t fret about my impending poverty too much. I have a stocked cellar and some real world copywriting, journalism and management skills that are giving me at least some income for the while.  For anyone interested in those skills, feel free to contact me as well.

Otherwise, that’s it. Don’t expect radically different content. I’ll still put my foot in my mouth with widely-speculative criticism on a regular basis.

Thanks for Peach Creative for helping me get the site up and running by doing all the backend changes as part of this years Australian Beer Industry Awards Media Trophy award (and thanks to James at the Crafty Pint for organising the award and prize)

Also, in case you were wondering, this post definitely wasn’t the result of me needing to inspire myself after a crippling panic attack that had me lying on the floor for an hour. Honest.

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