Podcast ‘sode 35: GABS 2015 – featuring a host of guests

Recorded live on tape from the Great Australasian Beer Spectapular 2015 (Melbourne) we spoke to DJ from Modus Operandi, a couple of GABS rookies, two of our good friends (including Adrian from the Sessionable Podcast) and finally Jade from the Wheatsheaf Hotel and Wheaty Brewing Corp in Adelaide.

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gabsWe started on the Two Pot Flat White from the Garage Project


And their Sea of Green Harvest Beer:


Then we spoke to DJ from Modus Operandi


And discussed their L90


I don’t think I’m going to keep listing beers… from here on in we discussed a number of beers. But we spoke to Leon and Georgia who were first time GABS drinkers.

We spoke to Adrian from the Sessionable podcast


And our friend Brendan who lives in NZ.

Then Jade from the Wheaty:


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