T10SF:2013 Part 1.

I don’t think I’ve ever done a list… have I? Either way, I’ve wanted to for a while but always think they are a bit self indulgent. Although that is kind of the whole point of a blog so maybe I should start doing more?

Regardless, I noted down my favourite beers of the year s a bit of a record for myself.  After mentioning it on Twitter someone suggested I post it.

Seeing as I haven’t had a lot of time for other content, I figured I would.

The criteria for this list are pretty loose. Basically “beers I tried for the first time this year”. Not new release beers nor beers I already know and love.

In addition I’ve added an “also try” to each selection. Some of these might not be available so I’ve slotted in something that you should be able to find that is similar.

Here we go.


Two Bird’s Brewing – Taco

Brewed for GABS 2013, this was described as a “hoppy wheat beer with corn, coriander leaf and lime”, I tried this down at my local pub, with a taco. And it was perfect.

It’s a beer that seems confident and self assured. It is exactly what it says it is and is amazingly drinkable. People are begging them to brew more and I would like to add my name to that list.

Also try:

Hitachino Nest – White: Even though expensive I’ve long been a fan of the beers from this Japanese brewery. Also a Witbeer, it is probably my all time favourite for the style (which admittedly is not my favourite).


3 Ravens – Black (cask version with coffee and raspberry)

Tried at the brewery for their good beer week event, this special edition of their Black was just brilliant. Rich, luxurious and silky smooth; it left a lasting impression on me and I hope they do it all over again.

Right now in the middle of winter, I would love to get another taste.

Also try:

3 Ravens – English Ale: On handpump at the Courthouse Hotel in North Melbourne and The Wilde Bar in Collingwood. Classic english style cask beer.


Cavalier Brewing – Angsty Hopster

Brewed for Good Beer Week 2013 in conjunction with Time Out magazine and Proud Mary Coffee, this is a “Black coffee IPA”. Pitch black, big coffee and hop aromas and lovely black IPA roast malt.

Still a few kegs floating around the city so get hunting and try it before it all goes.

Also try:

Holgate – The Empress: The mocha imperial version of their classic “Temptress” Chocolate porter is about to have its annual release. The kind of beer that will age gracefully. I have two bottles of the last edition and can’t wait to open one for a special occasion.


Wig and Pen – Lunch with the monks

My Untappd checkin comment was something like “there is no way that Stone and Wood Pacific and Feral Hop Hog are the best beers in Australia when this is available”.

I first tried this Belgian Tripel at the brew pub. It was served in a tulip glass at the right temperature and was just stunning. A subsequent tasting at the Courthouse in North Melbourne was a bit of a let down as it came out too cold and was served in a standard “pot” glass. Very unlike the Courthouse, and it resulted in a very pedestrian beer.

Glassware does make a difference and presented right, there aren’t too many beers equal to this.

Also try:

North Coast – Pranqster: I’m assuming you know all about the Belgians, so why not give this American version a go. It’s a Belgian Golden Strong Ale, which is more or less the same (please, keep your BJCP guide in your pocket any pedants out there), and is a dangerously drinkable example.


Thornbridge Brewing – Raven

This is an icon of the “Black IPA” style and was voted World’s best in 2012.

Rich thick mouthfeel, cocoa, orange and roast espresso flavours to finish it is a treat from start to finish. It’s hard to imagine a black IPA better than this… but it I’ve actually put one higher (find out in part 2).

Also try:

Yeastie Boys – Pot Kettle Black: Still their best beer, this doesn’t quite have as an assertive hop presence, and is billed as a “hoppy porter”. However you look at it, it is delicious. They also did a “Raven” series with fellow Kiwi’s Liberty, showcasing Yakima and Motueka hops. Pot Kettle Black is still better. There, I said it.

Thus ends part 1 of my 2 part “Top 10 So Far: 2013″, or T10SF:2013”. Part two, in a day or so.

Any guesses on the top 5?

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  1. vonschlapper says:

    Long live self-indulgence. I’m definitely going to have to get hold of some Thornbridge Raven. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I haven’t seen any around in bottles since it was on tap. Their Jaipur is great if you can find that though.

  3. girl + beer says:

    Oh Taco, so much love for taco!

  1. June 25, 2013

    […] Part 1 is here . […]

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