Three Boys – Golden Ale

Had a couple of weeks off have we? Taken a long weekend and then had a lot of other things going on leaving your blog neglected huh?


The Basics

Another one from Purvis Beer (they have a great range of NZ beers) this is the final in my 3 beer Christchurch tribute. I’m told my brother-in-law really enjoys their wheat beer, and he has pretty good taste, but I have opted for the Golden Ale (for no real reason other than I just grabbed it from the shelf).The bottle tells me it’s has the “intricacies of an ale” with the “refreshing qualities of a lager”

This is 4.5% alcohol in a 500ml bottle and brewed in Woolston Christchurch (my brother tells me he had a boxing bout in his younger days at the Woolston Workingmans Club… so there ya go),

How does it look?

The clean simple style of the label and bottle is both minimalist and classic. It reminds me of a beer brewed in a monastery in days of yore.

The beer itself is very golden (the label wasn’t lying) and is very carbonated as it’s poured into a glass. The look of it once poured tells me it’s going to be lively.

How does it taste/smell?

It smells clean, crisp and fresh. All words that I associate with good lager. It reminds me of a Heineken or similar Euro export lager but a whole lot bolder and more interesting. I think a lot of those Euro style lagers do infact smell pretty good, but their taste always lets them down. This smells similar but better.

Taste wise, it’s very crisp and lively with a slight hint of honey and malt. It tastes very precise. That may seem a strange way to describe a beer, but the clean, crisp smell and initial taste open up just at the right time to the honey malt. It doesn’t give you a chance to think “eh, a little bland”, as the beer seems like it’s knows that is what you are going to say. Clever beer.

When should I drink it?

Sadly summer is gone (that is, as I type this;  if you are reading this in say… December or January, then pretend I didn’t say anything), but this would be perfect for a hot summer day. Maybe you’ve been working in the fields or concreting a driveway… maybe you’ve just sat round in the sun doing nothing… regardless of what you’ve been doing, if it’s a hot long day, then this beer will definitely please you.


It’s good. Is it great? Yeah I think so. I only have one bottle but would love another one. It’s a really efficient and tasty Golden Ale. When summer rolls back around I’m definitely going to be stocking my fridge with a few bottles.

I rate it; 4 and a half long, lazy weekends.

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