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Due to the recent tragic events in Christchurch, a city that I both love and have friends and family in, I thought it’s a good time to review some beers brewed in the region. I have managed to get my hands on a few different ones here in Melbourne and over the next couple of weeks I’ll talk about them. This week, from Wigram Brewing Co, an award winning Hefe-Weizen.

The Basics

Brewed in Wigram Christchurch, I picked this up from Purvis Beer on Bridge Road, Richmond. It comes in 500ml bottles and is 5.0%. Wigram is home to an Air Force museum and formerly home to an air force base; so it’s fitting the label shows an old timey pilot with a beer in his hand (although I’m guessing he doesn’t plan on drinking and flying. He probably just landed or something).

How does it look?

In a nice big bottle with a distinct and geographically suited label, I really like the look of this. It stands out on the shelf without looking like it’s trying.

In the glass it’s a cloudy gold colour and very bubbly. The head is tall and it takes a patient pour to  make sure you aren’t just drinking froth. This is characteristic of hefe-weizen beer.

How does it smell/taste?

It smells of freshly proved yeast, like a good homemade pizza dough.

Taste-wise, it hits the mouth with a sharp and crisp flavour. The yeasty pizza dough smell does carry through to the taste, but there is a refreshing sweetness to it. It’s also very dry and as it dries up, a lively and fizzy sweet lemon aftertaste develops.

It’s a refreshing, bubbly beer and, as the bottle promises, very thirst quenching.  The aftertaste, or the “booty” as it’s known (mostly only to me), isn’t a big shaking rap video rump, but it still works it… it works it right in your mouth.

When should I drink it?

I figure now is a great time to discover some beers from Christchurch. I’m not entirely sure how this brewery fared in the recent earthquake, but some money flowing into the economy is something that the city will definitely need in the near future. You certainly wont be doing your palate a disservice by picking up a bottle or 6 of these.


I really enjoyed this beer. I’m not normally a huge fan of the wheat beer styles, but the aftertaste (or “booty”) really sold this one to me. Plus the larger 500ml bottle is something I always enjoy.

I rate it; 4 Halle Berry Posters

Also, if you can find it in your wallet to donate to help out Christchurch, there are many ways to do so. Check out this link for more info.

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  1. Good News: I read this a couple of days ago, “Wigram and Matsons kept brewing that day or have brewed since”.

    From this, frankly quite un-nerving article on the brewing community (thankfully all safe) in Canterbury:


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